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AdWords Account & Management

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Creation of your AdWords Account and Management Services, get more clients, sell more


Are you running your AdWords account or managing it poorly? Or maybe you do not have one or don't even know what it is? This is very important for all business owner's who need to sell now. This works really quick, new clients will be contacting you, make more sales and more leads. If you are selling a product and need customers look no further, your website and ads will be on first pages of Google. Yes, I am able to put your ads and websites on the first pages of Google. If you create a new account you are able to get a promotional credit towards your account. I will set up and make your AdWords account perfectly working for you. 

With this plan we manage everything for you, you do not get access to the login info for this because we manage it for you. This is a recurring fee every month to manage and run it efficiently for you. You will pay our monthly fee plus the $$$ that you will pay Google for advertising on their platform. We will work hard for you so you can appear on first pages of Google and convert. You will need to have a website prior to start advertising, we can create it for you. One company that does it all for you, our services are a lot better than the rest. 

How does this work? You pay for the website, we create your site. If you own a website we can move to step 2. Step 2 is we create and build you the AdWords account. We get you the credit with Google only if this is your first time doing an AdWords account. We create the GMail based on your business, we manage it for you completely. We create the smart or expert ads for you, then you add your credit card to Google AdWords. You will need to supply all info so we can fill it out with card info. Then you get approved. We build the ads platform with relevant info about your business or products/services. We target audiences and by radius locations. Plus we create positive and negative keywords so we can target your new customers.

Imagine, maybe with 3-4 clients you pay the entire fee's and maybe you still have some extra cash. Then the rest of the sales that you do in a month you get all that $$$ for you. Sometimes it does work better for some types of business vs others, it takes some time to build trust and authority with AdWords. The more time you are advertising then the better it gets, more leads and calls. Less expensive for your clicks, it does take a little time and patience. You must not give up! You must have a savings and investment to start something good. Remember, money makes money! If you don't invest money then you don't get nothing, trust me.

Buy with confidence, there are no refunds with this sale so be sure that you really do want to start this. Let's help you get organized better and do your online advertising a whole lot better. This is a recurring monthly fee until canceled. This is a digital sales, meaning you will just pay for online services.

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